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Coil Life, What is it?

Coil life with e-liquid is how long a coil lasts before it needs to be replaced. All coils will need to be replaced at one point, but this time depends on the e-liquid been used. Even with some high-end e-liquid brands, you’ll struggle to vape a quarter of the bottle before the coil needs to be replaced. 

How Does The E-Liquid Effect the Coil?

Many e-liquid companies pack sweeteners within the vape juice to give it a very sweet taste. This is all good, but the more sweetener in the juice, the quicker the coil will need to be replaced. Unlike other companies we use as little sweetener as possible yet use other methods to keep the sweetness. Therefore with our e-liquid you can expect to vape the whole 100ml sized bottle before needing to replace the coil.