Ice Berry


Ice Berry is a smooth berry juice. It has hints of mixed fruits, aniseed, and a cool menthol tone.

Coil Life Very Good
Bottle Size 100ML
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Why Jice E-liquid?

Jice offers a diverse flavour line, with a total of 8 tasteful flavours. We only use high-quality ingredients, creating a tasty and consistent vape juice. If you have any problems with the order or the product, our support team would be more than happy to help. We truly believe in the product and service provided and will do anything to make it right.  You can learn more about the company here.

  • Long coil life (Coil friendly)
  • 8 Amazing Flavours
  • Made in the UK
  • Easy to use

What are nicotine shots?

Nicotine shots are perfect for those who want nicotine in their e-liquid, create your desired strength of nicotine in your vape juice. Each nicotine shot will add 1.5 MG of nicotine to a 100ml (120ml shortfill) bottle of e-liquid. So, if you wanted 3MG of nicotine, you’d add 2 nicotine shots. They’re a simple and easy way to add nicotine into your e-juice.


No Nicotine, 3MG (Nic Shots)


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